Chepstow Bowling Club


Mens Teams (Selected on Monday evenings)

Selection Committee: Peter Bailey, Mike Roy, Dave King, Keith Bolton & Stuart Nuttall
Selected teams will be posted here as soon as possible after selection.

Note: If you cannot get to the clubhouse to put your name down for any match, either use the Contact form  on the "Contact Us" page and we will try to ensure your name is included in the selection process, or call the team captain. We need your support to fulfil our fixtures.

Selected Teams:

Wednesday  26 June

EMBA  v Monmouth                     AWAY                        Meet  5.00pm               Start 6.00pm

Rink 1  C davies, P Jarman, D Peebles,  L Horder

Rink 2  Ph Williams, D King, M Handcock, K Bolton

Rink 3  P Shapland, M Sankey, A Hossack, P Bailey

Rink 4  F Nixon, M Roy, F Trepleton, A Jones

Saturday  29 June 

MBA   v   RTB                           AWAY                             Meet  1.00                      Start  2.30pm

Rink 1   M Cadwallader, G Coppen, A Hossack, J Thompson

Rink 2   F Trepleton, B Harden, M Handcock, L Horder

Rink 3   C Davies, D King, Aga Williams, D Parsons

Rink 4   Ph Williams, D Bowen, A Jones, V Duke

Saturday 29 June

GBL  v      RTB                           HOME                           Meet   2.00pm                     Start 2.30pm

Rink 1   F Nixon, G Horder, M Roy, W Gill

Rink 2   M Sankey, M Pensom, M Morris, A Harris

Rink 3   A Lee, M Grant, P Shapland, I McCrone

Tuesday  2 July   

OSL  v    Cross Keys              HOME                              Meet 2.00pm                    Start 2.30pm

Rink 1    F Nixon, D Bowen, B Harden, L Horder

Rink 2    J Campbell, T Lewis, P Jarman, D Peebles

Rink 3    Ph Williams, D King, A Hossack, C Davies

Res: P Shapland, M Pensom, M Morris, D Coppen