Chepstow Bowling Club


Friendly Teams (normally selected on Tuesdays). Selectors: Alan Harris & Sylvia Pensom

Friendly Teams will be displayed here as and when practical

Note: If you cannot get to the clubhouse to put your name down for any match, either use the Contact form  on the Contact Us page and we will try to ensure your name is included or call the team captain. We need your support to fulfil our fixtures.


Wednesday 17 April             v    Olveston              AWAY             Meet  1.30        Start 2.30

Rink 1    P Shapland, M Burge, D Bowen, M Roy  
Rink 2   J Coppen, M Pensom, J Bowen, P Bailey
Rink 3   H Horder, S Pensom, P Williams, A Harris
Rink 4   G Horder, M Slaymaker, P Silvey, V Duke
Rink 5   M Shapland, R Bode, S Duke, D Coppen

Thursday 18 April    v.  Bristol St Andrews       AWAY            Meet 1.30                     Start 2.30

Rink  1    W Wilshere, D Parsons, A Harris
Rink 2    S Pensom, R Moorby, S O'Leary
Rink 3    A Allen, M Pensom, M Handcock
Rink 4   TBD, M Roy, D Lewis