Chepstow Bowling Club


John Bonsey Trophy will take place on Sunday 30 July starting at 2.00pm. Format is 2 leagues of 5 teams played in a round robin. Top two in each league play off in Finals.  Entry list is up in the clubhouse. Buffett before semi-finals. Entry £1 to cover cost of buffett. Dress is Whites.

Teams will be displayed at 1.00pm on the day. 

John Bonsey Trophy 2017.

On a wet summer afternoon everybody got soaked but persevered and saw it thorough to the end. Shirley Bonsey with Matthew, Lisa and Claire also came for the day.

Winners were: Jan Bowen, Les Matthews, Sue Duke & Mike Dick

Finalists were:  Lib Williams, Mike Grant, Dave King, Sandra O'Leary.

Thanks to all for your stamina and support.