Chepstow Bowling Club


Friendly Teams (Selected on Tuesdays). Selectors: Mary Shapland & Alan Harris

Friendly Teams will be displayed here as and when practical

Wednesday  16 August

Friendly  v     Coleford      AWAY           Meet 1.30    Start   2.30

Rink 1     W Wilshere, M Roy, A Harris
Rink 2    M James, C Colburn, Phil Williams
Rink 3    L Williams, S Pensom, P Hiscox
Rink 4    P Pope, M Pensom, D Bowen
Rink 5    M Newman, P Shapland, D Handscombe

Thursday 17 August

Friendly  v   Cam Mills          AWAY           Meet 1.20     Start 2.30

Rink 1     M James, P Pope, A Harris
Rink 2    M Pensom, V Duke, Phil Williams
Rink 3    P Shapland, J Symington, W Gill
Rink 4    L Matthews, S Duke, P Hiscox
Rink 5    W Wilshere, D Parsons, M Roy
Reserves: D Lewis