Chepstow Bowling Club


Ladies Fixtures 2018


14 Sat. Opening of the Green (G) 2.30pm

18 Wed Olveston (4R) (G) MF Away 2.30pm

19 Thurs St. Andrews Bristol (5T) (G) MF Home 2.30pm

24 Tues Ladies v Men (G) 2.30pm

25 Wed Tetbury (6T) (G) MF Away 2.30pm

26 Thurs Olveston (Ladies friendly) away (not on fixture card)

30 Mon St. Andrews Weston (6R) (G) MF Home


1 Tues St. Julian' (w) Home 2.30pm  (10points)

2 Wed Lydney (5T) (G) MF Away 2.30pm

3 Thurs Frampton-on-Severn (5T) (G) MF Home 2.30pm

7 Mon Club Afternoon starts 1.30pm

8 Tues Pontymister (W) Home 2.30pm CANCELLED GAME

9 Wed Yate (6T) (G) MF Home 2.30pm

10 Thurs Wotton-U-Edge (6T) (G) Home 2.30pm

10 Thurs Beechwood (G) CN Away 6pm (5 Points)

16 Wed Lydney (5T) (G) MF Home 230pm

17 Thurs Painswick (5/6T) (G) MF Home 2.30pm

17 Thurs St. Julians (G) CN Home 6pm (Won game)

18 Fri Welsh Fours - Cardiff 10am

21 Mon County Fours - Garndiffaith

21 - 25 Club Tour to Newquay

23 Wed Bradley Stoke (5/6R) (W) MF Home 2.30pm

24 Thurs Caldicot (G) CN Away 6pm (Won one lost one)

25 Fri Welsh Fours - Whitchurch 10am

29 Tues Caldicot (W) Away 2.30pm (8 points)

30 Wed Tetbury (6T) (G) MF Home 2.30pm

31 Thurs Newport HSOB (4R) (G) MF Home 2.30pm

31 Thurs Machen (G) CN Home 6pm


1 Fri County 4 woods Singles - Caldicot  10am

1 Fri Coffee Morning - 10am

4 Mon Spicer Cup - Islwyn BC 9.30am

5 Tues NAC (W) Home 2.30pm  (10 Points)

7 Thurs Ross-on-Wye (5T) (G) MF Away 2.30pm

7 Thurs Pontyfelin (G) CN Home 2.30pm (venue/time change) *

8 Fri County Triples- Chepstow 10am

11 Mon County Pairs - Abergavenny 10am

12 Tues Machen (G) Away 6pm (2 points)

13 Wed Yate (6T) (G) MF Away 2.30pm

14 Thurs Nailworth (6T) (G) MF Away 2.30pm

19 Tues Beechwood (W) Home 2.30pm (10 Points)

20 Wed Avonmouth (6T) (G) MF Home 2.30pm

21 Thurs Abergavenny (4/5R) (G) MF Home 2.30pm

24 Sun Bath BC (6R) (W) MF Home 2pm

26 Tues Pontymister (W) Home 2.30pm (9 points)

27 Wed Frampton-on-Severn (5T) (G) MF Away 2.30pm

28 Thurs Cam Mills (5T) (G) MF Home 2.30pm

28 Thurs Beechwood (G) CN Home 6pm (game cancelled by Beechwood)

29 Fri Welsh Double Rink (Brynhyfryd & Llansawel)


1 Sun Club 2 Wood mixed pairs

3 Tues Pontymister (W) Away 2.30pm (8 points)

4 Wed Bristol Arrows (6T) (G) MF Home 2.30pm

5 Thurs Newport HSOB (4R) (G) MF Away 2.30pm

5 Thurs St. Julians (G) CN Away 6pm

10 Tues Captains Day 2pm

11 Wed Victory Park (5R) (G) MF Away 2.30pm

12 Thurs RFOD (4T) (G) MF Away 2.30pm

12 Thurs Caldicot (G) CN Home 6pm

15 Sun Weston-Super-Mare (6R) (W) MF Home 2.30pm

17 Tues St. Julians (W) Away 2.30pm

18 Wed Avonmouth (6T) (G) MF Away 2.30pm

19 Thurs Machen (G) CN Away 6pm

24 Tues Caldicot (W) Home 2.30pm

25 Wed Olveston (4R) (G) MF Home 2.30pm

26 Thurs Ross-on-Wye (5T) (G) MF Home 2.30pm

26 Thurs Pontyfelin (G) CN Away 2.30pm (venue/time change) *

29 Sun John Bonsey Trophy

31 Tues NAC (W) Away 2.30pm


1 Wed Wotton-U-Edge (6T) (G) MF Away 2.30pm

2 Thurs Dursley (5T) (G) MF Away 2.30pm

3 Fri Club BBQ 5pm

5 Sun Porthcawl (6R) (W) MF Away 2pm

7 Tues Machen (G) Home 6pm

8 Wed Bristo Arrows (6T) (W) MF Away 2.30pm

9 Thurs St. Andrews Weston (6T) (G) MF Away 2.30pm

10 Fri Phyllis Crook trophy (W) 10.30am

14 Tues Beechwood (W) Away 2.30pm

16 Thurs Cam Mills (5T) (G) MF Away 2.30pm

17 Fri Welsh Double Rink S/F - Merthyr

22 Wed Victory Park (5T) (G) MF Home 2.30pm

23 Thurs Dursley 96T) (G) MF Home 230pm

26 Sun Oakley Basingstoke (5T) MF Home 2pm

27 Mon Club Finals Day (W)

28 Tues Captain v Chairman 2pm

29 Wed Painswick (5/6) (G) MF Away 2.30pm

30 Thurs St. Andrews Bristol (4/5T) (G) MF Away 2.30pm


4 Tues Abergavenny (4/5R) (G) MF Away 2.30pm

4 Tues SW & Mon Finals Venue TBA

5 Wed Club Triples (1) (G) 5pm

6 Thurs Club Triples (2) (G) 5pm

7 Fri Coffee Morning 10am

11 Tues Ladies v Men (G) 2.30pm

12 Wed Club Triples (3) (G) 5pm

13 Thurs Club Triples (Spare) 5pm

16 Sun Club Triples S/F and Final

18 Tues Olveston (Ladies Friendly) Home

21 Fri Presentation Evening - CAC 7.30pm

22 Sat Closing of the Green (G) 2.30pm